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Happy Victoria Day!- A Celebration of Lavender

by Ads Setup |  | 1 comment

If you live in Canada, you’re probably tracking that May 20 is Victoria Day. If you live anywhere outside of Canada, you probably have no clue what this day represents. And to be honest, a lot of us Canadians don’t either…because who cares? It’s a day off!

Here’s a bit of history lesson before we get on to the good part.

Queen Victoria was a British Monarch born on May 24, 1819. She was the reigning Monarch for about 63 years! After she passed away, it became a tradition that Canada celebrated her birthday every year on the Monday preceding the 24th of May.

Okay great, why are we talking about her on an essential oil blog? Well, there are more similarities between essential oil and Queen Victoria than meets the eye.

You see, Queen Victoria was a big proponent of having fragrances in the house. Or was it technically a castle? She loved sweet scents and aromas filling her living space, and lavender was her favorite.

Get ready, because you’re going to see a lot of purples up in here!


Queen Victoria requested that lavender be spread throughout the castles for everything imaginable. From perfumeries to the kitchen, to the outhouse. To please the Queen, floors, and furniture were cleaned in lavender. And if that wasn’t enough, the royal linens and chambers were perfumed with its sweet scent as well!

As expected, her practices caught on with the common folks, and they started to imitate her. English ladies started to scent themselves in lavender essential oils. Merchants throughout the country were selling them on the streets. Lavender plants were cut and dried. Housewives used them to wash walls and clean furniture. Batches of lavender were even put out to drive mosquitoes away! You would think this is a miracle plant!

This caused an increase in the demand for lavender, and suddenly workers found themselves planting fields upon fields of lavender.

This is how the popularity of lavender grew. It started symbolizing cleanliness and purity and this set the foundation of having scented aromas around the living space.

So in honour of Queen Victoria and her birthday, put a drop of our favorite essential oil into our diffuser with a mix of lavender. After all, she was technically the founding mother of aromatherapy!

To help you out, you can get started with the mixture below to kick off the holiday. It’s called Victorian Lavender in honour of Queen Victoria.


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  • John on May 14, 2019

    Very interesting post to learn about the link between queen and lavender. Good post!

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