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easter essential oil

Easter is almost here! Try these essential oils

To many of us, Easter marks the end of winter and the jump into spring. It’s the end of the tunnel that we’ve been crawling through for the past few months towards the light. But wait! You say. There’s still snow on the ground, the temperature is stuck at one digit, and my bus is still delayed…there’s no way spring is anywhere in sight! Well, we’re situated in Canada’s capital, so I didn’t say it was a fast crawl through the tunnel (that’s a weather AND a political joke). For all you others around the world, consider yourselves lucky! Okay, back on topic. With spring comes many things. You get out of your winter slump and set new beginnings; plants grow and flowers bloom; weird bugs suddenly appear in your basement; the detoxification process starts for both yourself and your home; and of course the annually dreaded spring cleaning! But I guess one advantage of living in the North is that if winter never ends, we can’t really spring clean right?? I remember when I was growing up, our back yard had a myriad of plants, flowers, and trees. One of them that really stuck with me throughout the years was the Night Blooming Jasmine. Its unique and remarkable fragrance always reminded me of spring and summer, and needless to say simpler times. Smells can trigger memories. A perfume might remind you of someone. That new book smell could prompt you of a time where you got your first Harry Potter book. The reason why this happens is because when you smell something, that aroma (or stink) gets routed to your olfactory bulb, which is in charge of analyzing smells in your brain. This part is closely linked to your amygdala which is the region in your brain that deals with memories.  Yeah I know some of these words… Since trespassing is illegal, I can’t just waltz into that backyard smell those plants again. Thus, I’ve decided to put this blog together to remind myself, and hopefully you, of the times and things that we long for. Spring, summer, childhood, healthy life. One of the easiest approaches to do this I find is to use essential oils and diffusers around the home. You can use other methods as well such as candles, sprays, plug-in scents, but there are actually direct health benefits to diffusing essential oils in your home. Something we’ll talk about in a later blog. Can’t disclose all my secrets at once! 1) Let’s start with productivity increase. It’s close to spring. You have these grand plans that you’ve set for the year and what better way to kick these off than to boost your productivity level? Putting on some scents in the background while you’re trying to pound out that business plan may just give you better focus and newer ideas! These two scents below are perfect just for this ---- Jasmine, Peppermint 2) Next on the list is repelling critters and bugs. Other than using 100% DEET on yourself (which not only repel insects but also yourself from other people), you could drop some of the following into your diffuser. These stimulating yet potent smells are a guarantee in driving away the most intimidating creepy-crawlers.  ---- Citronella, Lemongrass, Eucalyptus, and Peppermint 3) Third, we have scent suggestions on refreshing your body and reinvigorating your spirit after a long winter hibernation. Using scents from therapeutic plants and herbs is a good way to restore your body, soul, and brain. They maintain and improve your bloodstream allowing higher absorption of oxygen going towards your tired and exhausted organs that just went through winter. Try out these recommendations below to set your body right for the spring.  ---- Rose, Mint, Tea Tree, Basil, and Cedarwood 4) And lastly, from stimulating your physical senses, to relaxing your muscles, these essential oils can get you moving and off the couch into a regular gym rat or a spiritual yogi.  ---- Lemon, Marjoram, Oregano, and Cypress