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Gleevie /glee-vee:/
Glee meaning joy; vie meaning life. Having joy and health in your everyday life.

The Gleevie team believes in putting health first, and that it should be done with joy. We  know from experience how important self-care is when you’re living a busy lifestyle and that ensuring you take care of your body enables  you to tackle the rest of your daily tasks. 

We came up with the idea of the Blen2Go because we knew there had to be a solution to missed lunches and not getting the recommended fruits and veggies each day. Now it’s as simple as adding your fruits and liquid of choice, along with any of your favourite proteins and running out the door.


We are busy and we care about our health. We want to stay healthy and to do it with joy, the Gleevie way.

Founder & CEO
Zodiac: Virgo; Go-to snack: Apple, He believes one apple a day keeps the doctor away;  Rides his motorcycle all over the world

NicoleVice President
Zodiac: Aries; Go-to snack: Cheertos/Tostitos; Gym goer with multiple ambitions 

SarahProduct Manager
Zodiac: Taurus; Go-to snack: Spanakopita. Connoisseur of thrifting that loves discovering new places on her bike

Our team tells us how they love to use the Blen2go every day!

Leo's favourite time with Blen2Go is to make smoothies for his daughter after dinner to make sure she gets all the nutrients from fruits and veggies that she needs. Now she knows to ask for a “delicious smoothie” every day and it’s so convenient to whip one up.

The Blen2Go has been a lifesaver to Nicole’s health and to her wallet since she has her smoothie ready every morning with berries, vegan protein powder, honey and almond milk and blends it before getting into the car after her workout so she can drink it on the way to work. 

Sarah is usually running out the door in the morning and for that reason is a huge fan of Blen2Go. The Ben2Go helps to revitaize her smoothies when they separate while she’s on the go. Using the Blen2Go has become a staple for her morning routine.