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Gevi Portable Blender (4201028649024)
Gevi Portable Blender (4201028649024)
Gevi Portable Blender (4201028649024)
Gevi Portable Blender (4201028649024)
Gevi Portable Blender (4201028649024)
Gevi Portable Blender (4201028649024)
Gevi Portable Blender (4201028649024)
Gevi Portable Blender (4201028649024)
Gevi Portable Blender (4201028649024)

Gevi Portable Blender


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We want making healthy choices to bring you joy with our portable blender system. Whether you’re rushing to the gym before the office, have back-to-back meetings, are picking your kids up at school at the end of the day, or just love fresh smoothies, the Blen2go will become your daily companion. Just fill your Blen2go with fruits, protein boosters like chia seeds or powders, and milk or water and run out the door. Once you’re ready for that smoothie kick, just double click for the spin, open it up and you’re ready for a delicious fresh sip. The main difference between the Gevi and Blen2go is that Gevi has a unique magnetic charging system. If you misplace your cord, you can always reach out to us for a replacement.

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Always Refresh

  • Our design allows for your smoothie to go anywhere with you. No cord needed.

Just Recharge

  • It’s as easy as connecting your cable to any USB block.

Easy Clean

  • Simply rinse the blade with some soap and water and you’re done.

Safety First

  • The motor won’t start until the lid is tightly secured - you’ll know when the green light is on. Double click and go.


BPA Free & FDA Certified

  • The blender is made of BPA Free materials, and the components that directly contact with food are tested and certified by FDA (The Food and Drug Administration).

Upgrade Your Experience

  • The blender comes with a mini ice cube tray and a customized smoothie recipe brochure to maximize your user experience.




Product Name: Gevi Portable Blender
Product Model: PW-BL02
Battery Voltage: 7.4V
Battery Current: 1A
Voltage: 5V
Weight: 0.36/0.47KG
Dimensions: 97 x 87 x 183 (mm)
Capacity: 300ml
RPM: 21000 +- 10%
Power Input: 50W





    Step 1 - Charge your portable blender for 3 hours before the first use.

    Step 2 - Cut the ingredients into small cubes, and add ice cubes from our mini ice cube tray.

    Step 3 - Add liquid and make sure the ingredients and liquid are within the MAX line.

    Step 4- Close the cap firmly till the green indicator lights up. Double click to start and flip your blender upside down.

    Step 5 - Tilt the blender from side to side to achieve optimum results.

    Step 6 - Voila! Enjoy your smoothie directly from your blender cup!

    CAUTIONS: Product contains Lituim Battery. Please charge for 2 hours before storing to prevent battery damage for long periods of non-usage.

    Gevi Portable Blender (4201028649024)

    Gevi Portable Blender